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180 Promenade Circle, Suite 300, Sacramento, CA. 95834

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ICBCH Winter Hypnosis Conference
Orlando, FL. March 4-7, 2024 (4 days)

Hypnothoughts LIVE, Las Vegas, NV.
July 22-25, 2024 (4 day post-conf.)

3 years in a row!

This powerful 4 session process clears, addictions, chronic anxiety, trauma, and creates change on a cellular level.
 Client will pay you $5,000 for this profound transformation.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Help professional athletes lock in "best Day" performance, while clearing drag from their systems for an experience of effortless effort.

Dynamic results for C level Executives

When they can't work smarter or harder, you'll show them how to transform their perception of creative productivity.

Contact me for more information. (510) 759.6407 or enroll with only a $500 deposit below.
 Bundle Deal Available with Smoking Cessation Certification!

$500 Deposit Now to lock in Best prices for 2024!

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HTL - Las Vegas, NV. Jul. 15-18, 2024 (4 Days)



Self-DirectedSelf Paced

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ICBCH Orlando, March 4-7, 2024 (4 Days)

HTL - Las Vegas, July 22-25, 2024 (4 Days)

 4 day Smoking Cessation+4 day Evolution Intervention
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Balance due 30 days prior to the event.

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July 15-18, 2024 (4 days)
Hypnothoughts LIVE, Las Vegas
The Sahara Resort & Casino

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Next level Skills and Mentoring
Martin Castor & Ken Guzzo

180 Promenade Circle, Suite 300Sacramento, CA. 95834

only $997

In this FUN and INTERACTIVE course, you will learn several ways to induce trance, including progressive relaxation, rapid inductions, and conversational hypnosis.  Together we will deconstruct the induction and breakdown, not only how to do it, but why it works.

YOU will hypnotize someone and be hypnotized on day one!  YOU will learn how to connect with people more deeply, and easily create rapport where ever you are.  Personal transformations will be happening in class everyday.  You don't want to miss out!

YOU will learn what to say and do to help maximize positive change within your friends and clients.  You will learn and experience all that you need to be Certified Hypnotist with certificates for framing from the International Hypnosis Federation, and the North American Academy of Hypnosis.

YOU will be clear how to put this amazing change work into practice in your professional and personal life.

Whether you are looking for part-time additional income earning hundreds of dollars per hour, or wanting to enhance your effectiveness with your counseling, or coaching clients, or you want to entertain your friends at parties, this class is the right place for you to be.  If you're looking for a unique way to promote yourself and stand out from the crowd, or you just want to help people move past what is holding them back in their will experience in my class that which you require to easily and quickly affect transformation.

Space is limited.  Reserve your place with us today!

YAbout the Hypnotist Certification...

All Certification

Certification Workshops:
All Certification workshops qualify for IHF 50-HOUR CE CERTIFICATE
(approved for California Nurses, MFTs, Social Workers, and Research Psychologist CEs)

All Certification workshops are small in size (under 20 students), and include individual hands-on attention and practice.

All Certification workshops include related books and materials,

New hypnotists receive a one year membership to IHF (if not already a member)

IHF (International Hypnosis Federation) memberships include IHF membership certificate,
IHF pin, subscription to "The Hyp-News," optional 25 word website listing, discounts on
conference bookings etc.

A glimpse inside the Hypnotist Certification

Authentic - Impactful - Fun

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Ken's 10 Keys
to a Thriving Hypnosis Practice

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John Paper, Newsbiz

Finna Blue, MaestroWeb

"This event was awesome and it offers so much insight into the world of social media. Great for beginners that are just starting out!"

"This event was awesome and it offers so much insight into the world of social media. Great for beginners that are just starting out!"

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